MOGO and VISA Celebrate 4-year Collaboration

MOGO 和 VISA 庆祝合作4 年

iFREE GROUP Travelution Provides Excellent Ground Services for LIMA 2023

iFREE GROUP Travelution 为 LIMA 2023 提供卓越的地勤服务

iFREE GROUP TRAVEL+MICE 是 LIMA 2023 第16 届兰卡威国际海事和航空航天展览会的官方目的地管理公司(DMC) 和地勤服务提供商。该展览是亚太地区最大的海事和航空展览会之一。

TROLLEE Captures the Attention of Delegates and Media at SmartHK Event in Guangzhou


iFREE GROUP多年来一直与香港贸易发展密切合作, 本次合作周聚焦香港的优质服务与设施,探讨粤港合作新机遇

Launching of Veea Asia at Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Partnership Solidified between iFREE GROUP, TROLLEE and Veea Inc. at launching ceremony for Veea Asia

iFREE GROUP TROLLEE 與Veea Inc.在Veea TROLLEE的合作夥伴關係上更見鞏固,並在香港樹仁大學宣布Veea Asia正式成立。

TROLLEE P2 has Dual Global Launch in Europe and Asia

iFREE GROUP’s TROLLEE P2 at EuroShop 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany and TROLLEE P2 was unveiled at the Shanghai Retail Industry Congress & China Retail Innovation Summit.

TROLLEE P2在歐洲和亞洲雙重全球發佈

iFREE GROUP 的 TROLLEE 在德國杜塞爾多夫的 EuroShop2023 國際展覧中隆重發佈了 TROLLEE P2

Transformers: The Ark The World's First Themed Flagship Restaurant Opens in Hong Kong

全球首個沉浸式變形金剛主題旗艦餐廳Transformers: The Ark採用3D技術飛船設計,提供卓越的餐飲體驗

No Limits,
No Boundaries

iFREE GROUP is a leading-edge multinational technology company specialising in the development of telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Cities. We are investing in and progressing research and development in travel technologies, health and environment solutions, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition and related smart devices and solutions for various integrations and applications with a core value on global connectivity.

Our global businesses include IoT and related smart solutions, 5G & global connectivity, Travelution, Big Data & analytics, e-commerce & payments and global investments. The strong synergies between our global business units equips all the iFREE GROUP Companies with solid foundations enabling them to share resources, benefit from new technology and apply these to both B2B and B2C customers.



Products, R&D and Innovation

iFREE GROUP's in-house team of product designers, programmers and engineers are experts with a common passion to challenge the status quo and build a connected world.



people using mogo s2 to share global data

Global Security

Our security services and solutions are a fusion of research and innovation, field experience and technological integration, orchestrated by world-class management practices.



Global Investments

We have always upheld the values of responsible and sustainable investment, striving to strike a balance between generating strong financial returns and having a positive social and economic impact globally. We are committed to serving our partners and customers with the utmost integrity, openness and innovative spirit.



Travelution & Connectivity

Global on-demand 4G data connectivity solutions covering over 200 countries and areas.



Other Smart Projects and Applications

It is only through innovative education that students can be trained to face a continuously evolving world and labour market. Therefore, any truly innovative teaching method should be centred on the student, with the guidance of the teacher as a learning companion, which can be bridged by modern day technology.



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