Partnership Solidified between iFREE GROUP, TROLLEE and Veea Inc. at Veea TROLLEE Partnership and Launching of Veea Asia at Hong Kong Shue Yan University

iFREE GROUP TROLLEE 与Veea Inc.在Veea TROLLEE的合作伙伴关系上更见巩固,并在香港树仁大学宣布Veea Asia正式成立。

26 June 2023 saw the further partnership cooperation between iFREE GROUP partner, Veea Inc. and TROLLEE in an event attended by more than 200 stakeholders and partners at the Hong Kong Shue Yan University Auditorium.


Professor Catherine Sun, Senior Vice President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, gave a welcome keynote speech that touched on the many facets of iFREE GROUP’s relationship with the university and the many businesses that have grown under the direction of iFREE GROUP Executive Chairman, Mr. Steven Loke.


iFREE GROUP was pleased to welcome Dr. Allen Salmasi, PhD, the Chief Executive officer of our partner, Veea Inc., and iFREE GROUP Chief Technical Officer and CEO of TROLLEE, Mr. Soh Wei Hong who gave an overview of iFREE GROUP’s Smart Cities and Smart Retail technology. The presentations focussed on Veea’s virtual private network solution for wide area direct-to-device broadband Internet access with IPTV, tele-education, tele-medicine, including remote patient monitoring, and other apps as well as the next generation universal hub STAX & STAX-5G for customer premises.


iFREE GROUP’s TROLLEE Smart shopping cart end-to-end retail solution, jointly developed with our channel partner Veea, was also unveiled with a ‘first look’ at the TROLLEE P2 in Hong Kong offering a retail concierge with context-aware targeted advertising platform using Veea AdEdge technology.


The event culminated in the formalising and strengthening of the partnership between iFREE GROUP and Veea to allow the sharing of resources, manage global marketing more effectively and to build a bigger more powerful force for good with the launch of Veea Asia.

2023年6月26日,在香港树仁大学的礼堂中见证了iFREEGROUP的合作伙伴VeeaInc. 与TROLLEE加深合作,当天超过200位尊敬的持份者与伙伴应邀出席本次大会和仪式。 

香港树仁大学高级副校长孙天伦教授为大家发表了欢迎主题演讲,分享了在 iFREE GROUP行政主席Mr Steven Loke的指导下与树仁大学在各个层面的多项重大发展和业务。

 iFREE GROUP很荣幸介绍和欢迎 Dr. Allen Salmasi博士 的𦲷临,他是我们的合作伙伴Veea Inc.的首席执行官;下一位是iFREE GROUP首席技术官兼 TROLLEE首席执行官Mr. Soh Wei Hong先生,他为大家概述了iFREE GROUP 的智慧城市和智慧零售技术。 Dr. Allen Salmasi博士更重点地介绍Veea的虚拟专用网络解决方案,应用于通过 IPTV、远程教育、远程医疗(包括远程患者监控)和其他应用程序以及下一代通用集线器STAX和STAX进行广域直接设备宽带互联网接入5G用于客户端。 

iFREE GROUP与我们的合作伙伴 Veea 联合开发的TROLLEE智能购物车为端到端零售解决方案,今次为TROLLEE P2第二代在香港首次亮相。 TROLLEE P2广泛提供零售礼宾式服务和情境感知定向广告平台,并采用VeeaAdEdge核心技术。 

本次活动成功实现了iFREE GROUP和Veea之间的战略合作伙伴关系进一步加深加强,以实现资源共享、更有效地管理全球营销,并通过Veea Asia的成立打造更强大的前景和力量。 ‍