TROLLEE P2 has Dual Global Launch in Europe and Asia

TROLLEE P2在欧洲和亚洲双重全球发布

iFREE GROUP’s TROLLEE has launched the TROLLEE P2 at EuroShop 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany. EuroShop is the World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair and this year had over 2,300 exhibitors and 94,000 visitors from around the world. TROLLEE P1 and P2 received an enormous amount of interest from retailers from Europe, South America, the Middle East and Scandinavia. Many solid leads were made with commitments to trial P2 in-stores across the region.


This is a huge leap forward for TROLLEE and leading retailers have been favouring P2 over other smart carts because of its full omni-channel and shopper-centric solutions which include full integration with retailer’s existing customer loyalty and point of sales systems.


Concurrently, TROLLEE P2 was unveiled at the 17th Shanghai Retail Industry Congress & China Retail Innovation Summit organised by the Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association and the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission.


TROLLEE was invited to participate at the Conference and the China Retail Innovation Summit, held on March 2-3, where Henry Huang, CTO of TROLLEE, as a featured guest speaker at the event, shared his insights on the theme of Next-Gen Retail Tech and unveiled their latest innovation, the TROLLEE P2 smart shopping cart, for the first time in China during the summit.


At the same time, the Annual Award Ceremony of Shanghai Retail Industry Conference was held during the summit, and TROLLEE was awarded the "Innovation of Omni-Channel Marketing of the Year".


The presentation on stage was enthusiastically received by the more than 1,000 retail elites, government representatives, brands and retailers and the TROLLEE P2 stand was inundated with retail industry executives and retail tech experts.


iFREE GROUP 的 TROLLEE 在德国杜塞尔多夫的EuroShop2023 国际展覧中隆重发布了 TROLLEE P2。 EuroShop是世界第一的零售贸易展览会,今年有来自世界各地超过2,300多家参展商和94,000多名访客。 TROLLEEP1 和P2引起了来自欧洲、南美、中东和斯堪的纳维亚(北欧地区:包括丹麦、挪威和瑞典)的零售商的极大兴趣。不少可信的消息来源是通过承诺在该地区的店内试用P2 而获取的。


在同一时间,TROLLEE P2也亮相在由上海市连锁企业协会、上海市商务委员会主办的 第十七届上海零售业大会暨中国零售业创新峰会中。

TROLLEE受邀参加了今年3月2-3日举行的大会暨中国零售创新峰会,TROLLEE的首席技术官HenryHuang先生被邀请作为演讲嘉宾,在本次活动中分享了他对 下一代零售 主题的见解,以及首次在中国推出了最新创新产品TROLLEE P2 智能购物车。

在本次峰会期间举行的 上海零售业大会年度颁奖盛典,TROLLEE获评为《年度全渠道营销创新奖》。