iFREE GROUP and VEEA Sign MOU for West Java Digital Villages Programme

iFREE GROUP 与 VEEA就西爪哇数码村庄计划签署备忘录

The Launching of Veea Asia Ceremony on 26 June 2023 at HongKong Shue Yan University was accompanied by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between PT BUM Desa Group in Indonesia, Veea and iFREE GROUP to establish the West Java Digital Village Programme in which we will bring rural connectivity to more than 5,000 villages that will enable them to bring a range of tele-health, education and smart agriculture initiatives.


Dr. Eddy Limantoro, CEO of PT BUM Desa Group gave a presentation showing how the alliance opens up thousands of villages to benefit from iFREE GROUP and Veea’s smart technology innovations that they have not had access to so far. This will elevate their community services, health and education, connectivity and tourism to new levels.


The MOU outlines the intent to provide end-to-end telecommunications services, including direct-to-device Internet connectivity and IoT gateway services, as well as value-added services, such as streaming content, tele-education, tele-medicine, tele-training, precision agriculture and Smart Farming, public safety, forest preservation solutions and the Digital Village Project.


The partnership will also explore all the different Smart Cities options and will be a new and first of its kind proof of concept that can be rolled out to rural communities throughout the world.

Veea 亚洲启动仪式于2023 年 6 月 26 日在香港树仁大学举行,同时印尼 PT BUM Desa 集团、Veea 和iFREE GROUP 签署了一份备忘录以建立西爪哇数码村计划。我们将在该计划中 为 5,000 多个村庄带来本地连接,使他们能够实施一系列远程医疗、教育和智能农业等措施。 

PT BUM Desa Group首席执行官 Eddy Limantoro博士 发表了演讲,展示了该联盟如何让数千个村庄受益于 iFREE GROUP 和 Veea 的智能科技,而这些是他们迄今为止无法获得的。这将把他们的社区服务、健康和教育、连接和旅游业提升到新的水平。