Transformers: The Ark The World's First Immersive Transformers Themed Flagship Restaurant Opens in Hong Kong

全球首个沉浸式变形金刚主题旗舰餐厅Transformers: The Ark采用3D技术飞船设计,提供卓越的餐饮体验

Transformers is a well-loved childhood favourite for many Hong Kongers. The world's first Transformers-themed restaurant was opened on April 23, 2023 on Russell Street in Causeway Bay. Created by A La Carte Hong Kong Limited in collaboration with global branded entertainment leader Hasbro, the restaurant is designed based on the concept of The Ark, the large spaceship used by the Autobots in Transformers series. While approaching Earth, their ship lost power due to an energy depletion and made an emergency landing in the bustling Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong, thus entering the world of humans.


Transformers:The Ark restaurant is the first restaurant in Hong Kong to integrate 3D media content that can be seen with the naked eye into physical architecture. The façade features a striking three-dimensional spaceship engine at its entrance, along with huge LED screens with tailor-made 3D animation that immerses guests in the world of Transformers. The spaceship engine generates stunning light and sound effects that sync with the 3D animation, giving the impression of the spaceship flying through space with realistic visual effects.


The Autobots invite humans to enjoy special cuisine from Cybertron on The Ark as a gesture of gratitude for humanity's help in finding the remaining Energon on Earth. Each dish is carefully crafted by A La Carte’s chefs, food scientist sand culinary experts, with the assistance of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in the "Food Lab" located on the Upper Deck of the restaurant, as seen in the naked-eye 3D screens. The orders are delivered to customers through virtual conveyor belts that run through the restaurant, allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in the visual feast brought by the Autobots.


Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Renowned Chefs Take You on a Gastronomic Journey of Cybertronian Cuisine


The restaurant's signature dishes are the innovative Transformers-themed burgers, specially crafted by our chefs using premium ingredients for the patties, sauces, and recipes, creating unique energy-packed menus for the world's first Transformers themed flagship restaurant. All burger buns are custom-made using whole wheat flour, that’s crispy outside and soft inside, filled with four types of fresh organic hydroponic vegetables and delicious fillings. Cooked and prepared by our highly trained food service crew, all dishes offer a perfect combination of unparalleled taste and appealing presentation, creating a memorable dining experience for Transformers fans and food enthusiasts alike.




Black Truffle Angus Burger

The key to this gourmet burger is the selected premium imported grain-fed Angus beef, which boasts tender and juicy meat. Our beef patty is not only rich with authentic meaty flavour, but also infused with our secret truffle sauce, making it an unforgettable taste experience.


Crab Meat Avocado Burger

Crafted with fresh crab meat, our unique and delicious crab meat patty is mixed with our homemade avocado sauce making it satisfying and rich in texture. We use burger buns made with naturally antioxidant-rich beetroot to enhance the flavour and nutrition.


Fried Chicken

Made with premium hormone-free chickens, our chicken portions are marinated with our secret blend of spices and then deep-fried at high temperatures for an irresistible aroma. The crispy coating gives way to a tender and smooth texture. The juicy chicken leaves you craving more with each bite.


Blue Space

Harnessing the power of Energon, we have created this human-friendly energy drink. Refreshing soda water is infused with anthocyanins from butterfly pea flowers, using natural pigments to create a dreamy blue hue. Paired with lime, mint, and konjac jelly, this drink is packed with energy, providing you with an invigorating and revitalising experience!


Konjac Oolong Tea

Four Seasons tea leaves from Taiwan are perfectly blended to create a smooth and non-bitter taste. This healthy and refreshing drink is a perfect palate cleanser. Adding konjac jelly enriches the texture, making it even more indulgent and satisfying.


To create an immersive dining experience for customers, the interior and exterior of Transformers: The Ark, has been meticulously designed to resemble a spaceship, complete with multimedia equipment and content. This allows customers to step into the world of Transformers and indulge in a visual feast of futuristic elements throughout the restaurant, perfect for photo opportunities at every corner.


At the Lower Deck stands Asia's first ever 3-meter tall Optimus Prime animatronic statue, which took over nine months to build. Taking selfies and photos with this authentic, high-quality Optimus Prime statue is a must for all Transformers fans!


As customers ascend the staircase to the Upper Deck, they enter the control room of the spaceship, giving them the feeling of being on a journey through space. Customised LED screens on the walls and ceiling play “live” footage of outer space, creating a captivating and visually impactful immersive experience for guests. Transformers characters will make appearances and interact to further enhance the experience for diners. There are also hidden surprises to discover throughout the restaurant for a dining experience that is truly More Than Meets the Eye.


Exclusive Limited-Edition Merchandise and Souvenirs for Shopping Delights


The Ark features a Transformers merchandise store, the first official Transformers store in Hong Kong, offering a range of Transformers figures and lifestyle products. The restaurant will also release its own bespoke collectibles, such as limited-edition clothing and co-branded items.


To celebrate the opening of the world's first Transformers: The Ark flagship restaurant, the store will sell exclusive Transformers figures, with only 100 sets available worldwide, only sold at the Transformers: The Ark in Hong Kong. These exclusive figures come with individually numbered certificates, making them desirable items for the discerning collector. Fans should stay tuned to Transformers: The Ark's official social media page for the official release dates.


About Transformers: The Ark

Transformers:The Ark is the world's first Transformers-themed restaurant, created by A LaCarte Hong Kong Limited under license from Hasbro. The restaurant is centred around the Transformers brand and offers premium fast-food dining, with a retail area selling Transformers figures and limited-edition lifestyle products. The restaurant design takes inspiration from The Ark spaceship and incorporates immersive high-tech digital media, offering customers a truly unique dining experience in the Transformers universe.


Address:G/F, 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 
Opening Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm 
Facebook: @Transformers: The ARK 
Instagram: @transformers_the_ark_hkg

对于很多香港人来说,变形金刚是他们孩提时的最爱。全球首家变形金刚主题餐厅已于2023年4月23日在铜锣湾罗素街开幕。 该餐厅由ALaCarte Hong Kong Limited与全球知名娱乐领袖Hasbro共同打造,其设计采用《变形金刚》系列影片中博派使用的大型太空船The Ark。 在靠近地球时,他们的飞船因能源耗尽而失去了动力,并紧急停靠在香港铜锣湾地区,从而进入了人类世界。


Transformers: The Ark餐厅是香港首家集成了3D媒体内容的餐厅,可透过裸眼直接看到实体建筑内部。入口外立面安装了令人叹为观止的3D宇宙飞船引擎,以及一块巨大的LED屏幕,客制化的3D动画将让宾客沉浸于变形金刚的世界中。太空船引擎将按照3D动画,产生酷炫的灯光和音效,利用真实的视觉效果营造一种太空飞船正在太空中穿梭的感觉。


博派诚邀人类在The Ark上享用来自于赛博坦的特别美食,以感谢人类帮助寻找地球上剩余的能量晶体。每道菜都由A LaCarte的厨师、食品科学家和烹饪专家精心制作。 届时,位于餐厅上层甲板「食品实验室」的大黄蜂和柯博文将提供协助,可在裸眼3D屏幕上观看。 订单将通过贯穿整个餐厅的虚拟传送带运送给顾客,从而让他们完全沉浸于博派带来的视觉盛宴。



餐厅代表性的菜肴是创新的变形金刚主题汉堡,由我们的厨师使用优质的馅饼、酱汁食材以及配方特别制作,从而为全球首家变形金刚主题旗舰餐厅打造能量满满的独特菜单。所有汉堡使用的面包片均采用全麦面粉订制,外层酥脆,内部松软,并填充了四种新鲜的有机水耕蔬菜和美味的馅料。 所有菜肴均由训练有素的餐饮服务专员烹饪和备餐,它将无与伦比的口感与优雅的外形完美地融合在一起,为变形金刚粉丝和美食爱好者打造了一种令人难忘的餐饮体验。











我们的鸡块采用了优质的无激素鸡肉,并使用秘制混合香料腌制,然后进行高温深度油炸,从而赋予其难以抗拒的香味。酥脆的外皮之下是松软滑顺的口感。 每吃一口,多汁的鸡肉会让你根本欲罢不能。



利用能量晶体的能量,我们打造了这款人类友善型能量饮品。透过在提神的苏打水中注入了豌豆花的花青素,我们使用天然色素来调制梦幻般的蓝调。 在搭配青柠、薄荷和魔芋果冻之后,这款饮品携带了充足的能量,将为人们奉上生机勃勃、精神焕发的体验!



我们完美融合了来自于台湾的四季春茶叶,以打造滑顺、毫无苦涩的口感。这一健康、提神的饮品是完美的味蕾清洁水。 我们通过添加魔芋果冻来增强饮品质地,从而带来更多享受和愉悦。


为了给顾客打造沉浸式餐饮体验,Transformers:TheArk的外饰和内饰均仿照宇宙飞船进行过仔细设计,并配备了多媒体设备和内容。 这种设计能够让顾客沉浸于变形金刚的世界,并在整个餐厅畅享未来元素的视觉盛宴,每一个角落均适合拍照留念。


在餐厅下甲板站立着亚洲首座3公尺高的柯博文模拟雕像。 该雕像耗费了9个月的时间来制作。无论是自拍还是与这个逼真、惟妙惟肖的柯博文雕像进行合影,所有变形金刚粉丝都不容错过!


随着顾客顺着楼梯来到上层甲板,他们会进入飞船的控制室,让其感到自己正在进行太空穿梭之旅。墙上和天花板上订制的LED屏幕会播放外太空的「现场」镜头,从而为顾客打造一种引人入胜和颇具视觉冲击力的沉浸式体验。 变形金刚角色将悉数登场和互动,以进一步提升用餐者的体验。餐厅各处还设有供顾客发现的隐藏惊喜,从而打造一种超越视觉感观的用餐体验。



TheArk设有一家变形金刚商品店,这是香港的首家官方变形金刚店面,能够提供一系列变形金刚模型和时尚产品。 餐厅还将推出其自有的订制收藏品,例如限量版服装和联名商品。


为了庆祝全球首家Transformers: The Ark旗舰餐厅的开幕,店面将销售专属变形金刚模型,全球限量发行100套,而且仅在香港Transformers: The Ark店面出售。 这些独家模型都提供单独的编号证书,使其成为挑剔收藏者的心仪藏品。粉丝们一定要关注Transformers: The Ark官方社群媒体页面,了解官方发售日期。


关于Transformers: The Ark

Transformers:The Ark是全球首家变形金刚主题餐厅,由A LaCarte Hong Kong Limited透过Hasbro授权打造。该餐厅围绕变形金刚品牌,提供优质的快餐餐饮,并设有出售变形金刚模型和限量版时尚产品的店面。 餐厅设计的灵感源于TheArk太空飞船,并整合了沉浸式的高科技数字媒体,能够在变形金刚宇宙中为顾客提供真正独特的餐饮体验。

营业时间:上午11:00 - 晚间11:00
Facebook:@Transformers:The ARK