iFREE GROUP Travelution Provides Excellent Ground Services for LIMA 2023

iFREE GROUP Travelution 为 LIMA 2023 提供卓越的地勤服务

 iFREE GROUP TRAVEL+MICE is the official Destination Management Company (DMC) and ground services provider for the 16th Edition of Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition, LIMA 2023. This event is one of the largest maritime and aerospace exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific. The exhibition is being held at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) and Resort World Langkawi (RWL) respectively from 23rd May until 27thMay 2023.


The 20,000 sqm MIEC space venue will utilise both indoor and outdoor areas with 110 aircraft and 110 ships and other supporting vessels. LIMA has 45,000 trade visitors registered, will receive more than 250,000 public visitors and more than 400 VVIPs comprising Ministers of Defence and Ministers of Transport, Senior Officers and Service Chiefs from 59 countries.


iFREE GROUP TRAVEL+MICE is providing a full range of travel services for LIMA including VVIP hotels, visa and transportation as well as offering our MOGO seamless connectivity for delegates, exhibitors and visitors. This is the second time that iFREE GROUP TRAVEL+MICE has been invited to cooperate with this event following their successful handling of the 15th Edition of LIMA in 2019.


LIMA is exhibiting 600 companies from 30 nations ranging from Defence/Security and Commercial sectors. There are 20 international pavilions from the US, China, UK, France, UAE, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Türkiye, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Czech Republic and others.

iFREE GROUP TRAVEL+MICE 是 LIMA 2023 第16 届兰卡威国际海事和航空航天展览会的官方目的地管理公司(DMC) 和地勤服务提供商。该展览是亚太地区最大的海事和航空展览会之一。该展览将于2023年5月23日至5月27日分别在玛苏丽国际展览中心(MIEC)和兰卡威名胜世界(RWL)举行。 

此次将利用MIEC场馆室内和室外区域,合共20,000 平方米的空间放置110 架飞机和110 艘船舶及其他辅助船只。本届LIMA 注册了 45,000 名贸易参观者,将接待超过 250,000 名公众参观者和超过 400 名 VVIP,其中包括来自 59 个国家/地区的国防部长和交通部长、高级官员和服务主管。

 iFREE GROUP TRAVEL+MICE 为 LIMA 提供全方位的旅游服务,包括VVIP 酒店、签证和交通,并为代表、参展商和参观者提供我们的MOGO 无缝连接。这是iFREEGROUP TRAVEL+MICE继2019年成功承办第15届LIMA后,第二次受邀合作此次活动。

 LIMA 展出了来自30 个国家的 600 家公司,当中涉及国防、安全和商业领域。整个展览会共有来自美国、中国、英国、法国、阿联酋、印度尼西亚、泰国、意大利、土耳其、巴西、德国、新加坡、韩国、巴基斯坦、印度、孟加拉国、沙特阿拉伯、比利时、捷克等20个国际展馆。 ‍