Hong Kong Shue Yan University Big Data Lab


Fostering World Class Research & Development

iFREE GROUP is committed to build a Big Data Lab within the university campus, where data scientists, engineers, analysts and students collaborate to carry out world-class research and development projects to solve complicated problems.


iFREE GROUP 致力于在大学校园内建立大数据实验室,数据科学家、工程师、分析师和学生在这里合作开展世界级的研发项目,解决复杂的科研问题。

Establishing The iFREE GROUP Robotics and Big Data Lab 

"The scope of the Lab is not limited to work and research on Big Data, robotics and artificial intelligence, but will also include work and research on virtual reality and augmented reality. " - S L

Nurturing Digital Talents

Leveraging Hong Kong Shue Yan University’s strong academic and research background, together with iFREE GROUP’s solid industry experience and expertise, a series of joint R&D initiatives will take place. Research topics will include blockchain applications, edge computing solutions, artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data intelligence. With best-in-class equipments and knowledgable teams, the iFREE Big Data Lab is set to nurture great talents and ideas to shape future developments.

建立iFREE GROUP 机器人与大数据实验室  

“该实验室的研究范围不限于大数据、机器人和人工智能,还将包括虚拟现实和增强现实方面的工作和研究。”——S L


香港树仁大学雄厚的学术和研究背景,加上iFREE GROUP扎实的行业经验和专业知识,将共同作用于一系列的联合研发项目。研究主题将包括区块链应用、边缘计算解决方案、人工智能、机器人和大数据智能。iFREE GROUP大数据实验室拥有一流的设备和实力雄厚的团队,旨在为未来输送创意,培养人才。