Covering Your Travel Insurance With iFREE GROUP Protect

iFREE GROUP Protect promises to deliver flexible travel and medical assurance with comprehensive but affordable policies that provide hassle free claims within a few clicks. Easy to reach 24/7 customer service teams provide worldwide support for customers anytime throughout their journey.

iFREE GROUP Protect 为您打造安心旅途

iFREE GROUP Protect承诺提供灵活的旅行和医疗保险,提供全面且可负担的政策,只需点击几下,即可提供免费索赔服务。24小时的客户服务团队随时随地为客户提供全球范围的支援。

About iFREE GROUP Protect

Maximum Protection Anytime, Anywhere.

Travelling with a peace of mind is a key experience that MOGO users deserve. It is essential for our users to receive the right arrangement and compensation when their journeys don’t go exactly to plan, so to avoid or minimise any disruption and damages.

By offering a wide range of insurance options, including travel, medical, trip cancellation or interruption, evacuation, and baggage & personal item lost or damage, MOGO users will be able to determine and customise their own coverage for the best insurance experience. Thanks to our frictionless MOGO in-app experience, our users will be able to purchase their insurance policy anytime, anywhere, within a few clicks, even after arriving their destination.

Being There For You 24/7

Besides promising fast, convenient and comprehensive coverage, iFREE GROUP Protect will also offer 24-hour emergency hotlines to provide immediate assistance to MOGO users, including legal and medical advice, as well as local information and translation.

关于 iFREE GROUP Protect



我们提供广泛的保险选择,涵盖旅行、医疗、行程延误、紧急撤离、行李损失等多个方面。MOGO用户可定制范围,以获得最佳体验。另外用户可以借助MOGO APP,在任何时间,任何地点轻松投保,亦可在到达目的地后补购。


除了快速、便捷、覆盖全面外,iFREE GROUP保险还将提供24小时紧急热线,为MOGO用户提供即时帮助,包括法律和医疗咨询,以及当地资讯和翻译问题。