TROLLEE recognised by China’s leading Retail Authority as one of the Top 10 Best Practice in Omni-Channel Marketing by CCFA

多利GO被中国零售权威机构 中国连锁经营协会 评为十大最佳全渠道营销之一

TROLLEE has been selected as one of the Top 10 Best Practice Cases in Omni-Channel Marketing in Retail by CCFA (China Chain Store & Franchise Association, the largest association in the retail industry for chain store and franchise operations). TROLLEE is ranked with some of the leading influential and representative companies in the sector. The Top 10 List has only released online so far and will officially be shared with the industry during a Fashion Retail Summit organised by CCFA in November 2022.

Official link:  2022CCFA私域运营最佳实践案例名单

8月24日,中国连锁经营协会(CCFA)公布了“2022CCFA私域运营最佳实践案例”名单。多利GO案例 智慧购物车加速商超线上线下融合,助力全域营销 入编全域营销类优秀案例,与多家业内知名企业共列榜单。到目前为止,该榜单仅在网上发布,协会计划将在2022年11月举办的时尚零售峰会上正式与业界分享。