TROLLEE P2 showcased at China’s largest trade fair

TROLLEE P2将会在中国最大的贸易展览会上展出

iFREE GROUP’s TROLLEE attended CHINASHOP, the largest retail Expo in China, which was held in Chongqing on 19-21 April 2023. TROLLEE had a custom-made 18 square-metre booth and our technical team presented a speech at the Retail X Lab stage in front of hundreds of leading national and international industry executives. The organisers extended an invitation to showcase TROLLEE P2 in the Hi-Shop special zone where all the leading retail technology companies will be presented.


CHINASHOP, also known as the China Retail Trade Fair, has been bringing cutting-edge technologies and brand new solutions to the retail industry for more than 20 years supported by China Chain Store & Franchise Association.

TROLLEE P2在中国最大的贸易展览会上展出          

 iFREE GROUP爱讯集团的TROLLEE参加了2023年4月19日至21日在中国重庆市举行的CHINASHOP中国零售业博览会 - 中国最大的零售博览会。我们定制了一个18平方米的展位,并在“Retail X-Lab”台上向数百位国际与内地的零售行业高级管理层发表演说。主办单位方面向我们发出了邀请函,会在“Hi-Shop”区域展示TROLLEEP2,向所有尖端的零售技术公司展现。

 CHINASHOP,又称为“中国零售业商品交易会”,在中国连锁经营协会的全力支持下,20多年来一直为零售行业带来尖端技术和全新的解决方案。 ‍