TROLLEE has won another Award in the Best Retail Innovation (Product & Solution)


In yet another important development for iFREE GROUP’s multi-award winning TROLLEE, the Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony 2022 gave its top accolade to our smart shopping cart for Best Retail Innovation.

Winners were announced at a ceremony in Hong Kong on 21 October 2022, which included many leading manufacturers and operators.

The Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) Innovation Awards are given to outstanding Retailers, Vendors and Startups for their impressive performance through digital transformation in this difficult time.

RTIA is a non-profit trade organisation dedicated to promoting the awareness and adoption of the latest technologies across retailing and to connect stakeholders for cross-sector collaboration that benefits the retail industry in Hong Kong and the region.

“This is another outstanding win for TROLLEE,” said Mr. Soh Wei Hong, iFREE GROUP CTO and CEO of TROLLEE. “We are rapidly gaining market strength and recognition and, with the help of our global partners, TROLLEE will soon be the definitive solution to retailers and customers throughout the world.”

Results will be posted soon on the RTIA website:

爱讯集团屡获殊荣的多利GO迎来另一个重要发展,在2022 年香港零售创新奖颁奖典礼中,为我们的智能购物车颁发了最佳零售创新奖。 2022 年 10 月 21 日在香港举办的颁奖典礼上宣布了获奖者,其中包括许多行业领先的制造商和运营商。 香港零售科技商会(RTIA) 创新奖每年授予杰出的零售商、供应商和初创企业,以表彰他们在这个困难时期能通过数字化转型所取得的骄人业绩。 RTIA 是一家非牟利贸易组织,致力于促进零售业对最新技术的认知和使用,并连接利益相关者进行跨界别合作,造福香港及该地区的零售业。 爱讯集团技术总监兼多利GO行政总裁苏维峰表示:“这是多利GO获得的又一个荣誉。我们正在迅速获得更多市场认可,并在我们全球合作伙伴的帮助下,多利GO 很快将成为全球零售商和客户的最终解决方案。” 获奖名单将上传于香港零售科技商会官方网页: