One Year on for iFREE GROUP in BA24


29 September 2021 marks the first anniversary of iFREE GROUP’s move to Bank of America Tower. During this past year, despite the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have built a strong and determined team full of integrity and a Growing Together spirit. From Mira Place to the heart of Central, iFREE GROUP has grown from strength to strength.

We have come a long way and achieved a great deal in this short time. Much of our success is thanks to the support of our partners and employees.

今天(2021年9月29日) 是爱讯集团进驻美国银行中心一週年。在过去的一年,即使面对新冠疫情所带来的困境,公司仍然拥有一个意志坚定、有诚信和共同成长精神的团队。由尖沙咀美丽华广场到中环中心地区,公司的发展只会愈来愈好。