iFREE GROUP and Veea Inc. Forge a Strategic Partnership to Offer Global Travelers an Unprecedented Range of Travel and Retail Products and Services

爱讯集团和Veea Inc.建立战略合作伙伴关系,为全球旅行者提供前所未有的旅行和零售产品与服务

iFREE Group - a global leader in e-commerce and connectivity for travelers - and Veea Inc. - a global leader in Smart Retail solutions - today announced a strategic partnership. In this partnership, Veea will provide its smart retail solutions, including its iOS and Android-based mobile app capabilities along with Point of Sale (POS) applications and most forms of payments and payment gateway services, to iFREE Group for its Travelutionary solutions. iFREE Group will provide Veea with its OTT "roaming-free" solutions as well as multi-IMSI multi-supplier e-sim solutions for its VeeaHub platform services currently supporting a range of applications for Smart Retail, Smart Transportation and Smart City. Furthermore, iFREE Group and Veea will integrate their merchant ecosystems to benefit from each other's customers and channels.

iFREE Group works with leading airlines, hotels and clubs, as well as credit card, insurance and payment companies in offering travel products and "roaming-free" telecom services, available to over one billion travelers with an addressable market valued at over US$3 trillion. iFREE's OTT app offers a portal for insurance services, global payments, travel bookings, telecommunication services and social media supported by a loyalty program that incorporates coupons and travel merchandise.

By joining forces with Veea, iFREE app users traveling the globe will be able to search and discover hundreds of millions of:

  • retail shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, coffee shops, entertainment places, pharmacies, and many other types of merchants;
  • professional services such as doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals, lawyers, religious services, wedding chapels, and most other professional services;
  • government offices, embassies, police stations, etc.;
  • sightseeing and public places such as museums, historical sites, monuments, parks, landmarks, etc.; and many more types of establishments.

Travelers can use a mobile app developed for iOS and Android devices, with combined capabilities of iFREE/Veea platforms, to communicate with iFREE's network of merchants on the VeeaConnect app to query product availability or pricing, make routine or geofenced virtual reservations, receive contextual coupons, respond to personally relevant promotions, make Card-Not-Present (CNP) payments without a payment terminal, and take advantage of many other features of the app. Travelers can also benefit from and contribute to crowd-sourced data available for the establishments with Chip-Ins, which are user or merchant generated ephemeral updates such as venue photos, videos, wait times, crowd levels, ratings, etc. Moreover, iFREE's smart digital travel assistant provides for speech recognition and natural language understanding for translation, voice to text blog, search, discovery and podcasts for travelers' points of interest.

For Smart Retail applications, Veea has developed an innovative platform, with POS and payment solutions including payment gateway services, that connects retailers to their current and potential customers through a variety of engagements and new forms of communication. Veea solutions include an intelligent wireless edge server product called VeeaHub with an App Store for applications developed by Veea and third-party app developers who can take advantage of VeeaHub's open software development environment. VeeaHub provides for private and public access WiFi and IoT service management, always-on managed access with automatic failover with multiple backhaul services including an optional 4G backhaul, staff and customer communications, proximal advertising, security applications with event reporting such as for streaming security cameras, expanded omnichannel operations, and other applications. Additionally, Veea offers an SDK with APIs to major retailers that prefer to use their own mobile app instead of the Veea consumer app. Veea's retail solutions augment the real world, providing seamless in- and out-of-store experiences that lets merchants engage and retain customers through the use of data analytics supported by machine learning and AI. Veea will be demonstrating VeeaHub platform and a range of its applications at Mobile World Congress 2018, in Hall 8.0 booth F31, 26 February thru 1 March 2018.

In signing this agreement, iFREE Group Chairman Steven Loke comments, "Veea has the most innovative retail solutions in the industry. Their social commerce platform and merchant ecosystem perfectly complement iFREE Group's platform. iFREE Group will be able to bring on board merchants from throughout Asia and hundreds of millions of travelers to leverage Veea solutions. We are also very pleased to provide our 5G-enabled multi-IMSI multi-supplier e-SIM solutions to Veea for its industry leading-edge IoT hub solution with every form of connectivity and wide range of applications."

Veea Chairman Allen Salmasi adds: "We are thrilled about our partnership with iFREE Group, focusing on Smart Retail solutions, which will introduce millions of travelers to the huge benefits available from over 350 million merchants who can service them through the VeeaConnect app. iFREE Group will strengthen our merchant ecosystem in Asia and will bring along a travel focused loyalty, couponing, discounted merchandise and telecom service offering, with a range of global 4G and WiFi hotspot services (iSpot), an exciting new and powerful platform for global advertising (iAds) as well as a wide range of other curated services developed by iFREE that we will be offering through our partnership at scale throughout the world."

全球领先的旅游电子商务和数据提供商爱讯集团与智能零售解决方案提供商Veea Inc.宣布建立战略合作伙伴关系。

在这项合作关系中,Veaa将为爱讯集团提供其Travelutionary解决方案,包括基于iOS和Android的移动应用程序功能以及销售点(POS)应用程序,和大多数形式的支付和支付网关服务。 爱讯集团将为其VeeaHub平台服务提供“无漫游”解决方案以及多个IMSI多供应商电子模拟解决方案,这些服务目前支持智慧零售,智慧交通和智慧城市的一系列应用。此外,双方将整合他们的商家生态系统,以从彼此的客户和渠道中受益。

爱讯集团与领先的航空公司,酒店和俱乐部以及信用卡,保险和支付公司合作,提供旅行产品和“无漫游”数据服务,面向超过10亿旅行者,其潜在市场价值超过3万亿美元。 iFREE的OTT应用程序通过结合了优惠券和旅行商品的忠诚度计划,为保险服务,全球支付,旅行预订,电信服务和社交媒体提供了门户。







对于智能零售应用,Veaa开发了一个创新的平台,该平台通过各种参与和新的沟通方式将零售商与其现有和潜在客户联系起来。 Veea解决方案包括一个名为VeeaHub的智能无线边缘服务器产品,该产品带有一个App Store,包含Veea和第三方应用程序开发人员开发的应用程序。




爱讯集团董事长Steven Loke在签署该协议时表示:“ Veea拥有业内最具创新性的零售解决方案。他们的社交商务平台和商家生态系统完美地补充了iFREE Group的平台。iFREE Group将能够吸引来自整个亚洲的商家以及数以亿计的旅行者利用Veea解决方案。我们也非常高兴为Veea提供其支持5G的多IMSI多供应商e-SIM解决方案,以其具有各种连接和广泛形式的行业领先的IoT中心解决方案应用范围。”

Veea主席(Allen Salmasi)补充说:“我们很高兴与iFREE集团建立合作伙伴关係,专注於智能零售解决方案,它将为数百万旅行者提供3.5亿以上个商户,从而产生巨大收益。iFREE Group 将会加强我们在亚洲的商户生态系统,并将带来针对旅行的忠诚度,优惠券,折扣商品和电信服务产品,以及一系列全球4G和WiFi热点服务(iSpot),这是一个激动人心的新型强大的全球广告平台,我们将通过我们在全球范围内的合作伙伴关系提供这些服务。”