iFREE GROUP Travelution at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai


iFREE GROUP is attending the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) trade show and conference in Dubai 1-3 May 2023 in Dubai, UAE. More than 25,000 travel industry executives from across the region and from around the world have converged at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the highest number of visitors and exhibitors the expo has seen, marking a firm and positive rebound for the travel industry.


iFREE GROUP was invited to speak on a conference panel on the topic Data-Driven Travel Recovery, The How, The Signs, The Triumphs on Monday 1 May on the Travel Technology stage at ATM. We spoke about iFREE GROUP’s innovations in AI, with our exping App and AI Generated Maps that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular mapping tools for travellers and curators. We outlined our MOGO eSIM and S2 products as well as our ebbly booking platform.


We were a sponsor of the Digital Masters Networking Event at the 25-Hour Boutique Hotel in Dubai, where more than 200 top travel tech executives were hosted by iFREE GROUP for a very interesting and productive networking session. We had the opportunity to address the attendees to further outline iFREE GROUP’s Travelution solutions for the industry.

爱讯集团出席于 2023 年 5 月 1 日至 3 日在阿联酋迪拜举行的阿拉伯旅游展览会 (ATM) 贸易展和会议。超过 25,000 名来自该地区和世界各地的旅游行业高管齐聚迪拜世界贸易中心,是本届博览会参观人数和参展商人数最多的一次,标志着旅游业出现了坚定而积极的回复。

 爱讯集团受邀于 5 月 1 日星期一在 ATM 的旅游技术舞台上就 数据驱动的旅行恢复、方法、迹象、胜利 主题发表会议小组演讲。我们谈到了爱讯集团在人工智能方面的创新,我们的 exping 应用程式 和 人工智能生成地图 正迅速成为最受旅行者和策展人欢迎的地图工具之一。我们概述了我们的 MOGO eSIM 和 S2 产品以及我们的ebbly预订平台。

 我们是在迪拜 25-Hour精品酒店举行的 数码大师社交活动 之赞助商,爱讯集团接待了超过 200 位顶级旅游技术高管 ,进行了一场非常有趣且富有成效的社交会议。我们有机会向与会者发表讲话,进一步概述爱讯集团Travelution的行业解决方案。 ‍