iFREE GROUP Security appointed by CAIQTest Innovation Laboratory in Malaysia

爱讯集团马来西亚保安有限公司(iFGS) 受中国检验检疫科学研究院科创院委任,成为马来西亚沙巴州独家特约服务中心

We are proud to announce that iFREE GROUP Security (iFGS) Malaysia has been appointed by CAIQTest Innovation Laboratory as its recognised representative on Exclusive basis for the State of Sabah. CAIQTest is approved by the China State Establishment Registration Administration and is organised by the China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine to provide services such as training, consulting, integrating sample examination for local entrepreneurs to export their products to China.

This is another great milestone for iFREE GROUP being recognised by the Chinese Government to trust us to conduct testing and certification to ensure safe and reliable import of food and products into China.

The authority of CAIQ data has been widely recognised by all sectors of society. The centre will continue to expand its business areas and service scopes according to customer needs, relying on rich testing experience and strong technical strength, a complete service network provides customers with fair, fast, reliable and consistent testing technical services.


爱讯集团马来西亚保安有限公司(iFGS) 受中国检验检疫科学研究院科创院委任,成为马来西亚沙巴州独家特约服务中心。中国检验检疫科学研究院科创院被中国国家机构登记局认可并由中国检验检疫科学研究院创立,为所有出口到中国的农产品、水产品、食品、保健食品,化妆品等优质商品提供谘询、培训,测试、检验、备案和可追溯性服务。这次受中国政府认可并被委任成为特约服务中心,为出口至中国的食品和产品提供检查和认證服务是爱讯集团的另一个重要里程碑。中国检验检疫科学研究院的权威性在多个不同领域均备受认可。中国检验检疫科学研究院将根据客户需求持续地拓展其业务範围和服务内容,依赖其丰富的检测经验和科研技术并透过其完善服务网络,为客户提供快速、可靠和公正的检测服务。