iFREE GROUP Roadshow - London Calling

爱讯集团路演 - 伦敦召集

iFREE GROUP, on the final leg of the iFREE GROUP Travelution Roadshow, was invited to attend the PATA Aligned Advocacy Dinner in Westminster, London on 7 November 2022. It was hosted by PATA CEO, Ms. Liz Ortigueras, and attended by the tourism ministers of Asia Pacific countries attending the WTM travel show.

We also attended WTM over 3 days and were sponsors of the Travelution Business Breakfast hosted and held at the Barclays Bank headquarters in Canary Wharf, the UK’s financial centre on 8 November 2022. More than 150 travel industry and travel tech executives attended. iFREE GROUP’s MOGO S2 drew a lot of interest when demonstrated how easy and versatile it is to travellers, many having complained that local Wi-Fi was not up to standard compared to MOGO.

iFREE GROUP Sponsored the Travelution Digital Masters Drinks held on the evening of 8 November at the Excel Convention Centre where WTM is being held. 200 guests attended and iFREE GROUP made a short presentation and made more important industry contacts.

The Roadshow has reignited our relationship with the travel industry after several years being affected by the COVID pandemic measures. The travel industry is now on the road to full recovery and the WTM event highlighted that businesses are resilient and now busy planning to keep up with the unprecedented extra demand for travel. This is reflected in Asia where iFREE GROUP Travel is receiving many more enquiries as people start planning their trips as Asia Pacific opens its borders.

作为爱讯集团 Travelution路演的最后一站,我们受邀出席于2022 年 11 月 7 日在伦敦威斯敏斯特举行的 PATA 联合宣传晚宴。该晚宴是由PATA首席执行官Liz Ortigueras女士主持,参加了WTM旅游展的亚太国家旅游部长们亦有出席。 我们还参加了为期 3 天的 WTM旅游展,并赞助了 2022 年 11 月 8 日在英国金融中心金丝雀码头的巴克莱银行总部举办的 Travelution 商务早餐会,吸引超过 150 位旅游行业和旅游科技高管出席。iFREE GROUP向旅行者展示了 MOGO S2随身路由器的易用性和多功能性时,引起了所有人极大的兴趣,许多人抱怨本地 Wi-Fi的速度无法 与 MOGO S2相比。 爱讯集团赞助了 11 月 8 日晚在Excel 会议中心举办的 Travelution数码大师晚宴。 200位嘉宾出席,爱讯集团做了简短的公司介绍,并在现场取得了更多重要的企业合作意向。 经历数年COVID 大流行措施所受到的影响,此次路演重新点燃了我们与旅游业的连结。旅游业现在正走在全面复甦的道路上,WTM 活动中强调了各企业均具弹性,现在正忙于计划跟上前所未有的额外旅行需求。这也反映在亚洲市场上,随着亚太地区开放边境,人们开始计划他们的旅行,iFREE GROUP Travel亦收到了愈来愈多的查询。