iFREE GROUP TeleHealth

iFREE GROUP TeleHealth

Your Mobile Doctor

As part of our Travelution ecosystem, iFREE GROUP TeleHealth provides global access to certified doctors via the MOGO App, including officially certified doctors in the USA, China and other countries.


作为我们Travelution生态系统的一部分,iFREE GROUP TeleHealth 通过MOGO应用程序向全球提供拥有资质认证的医生,其中包括美国、中国和其他国家的官方认证医生。

About iFREE GROUP TeleHealth

iFREE GROUP TeleHealth Benefits

  • Designed specifically for travellers who wish to have international travel insurance coverage
  • Immediate 24/7 access to certified doctors with multilingual support
  • Receive answers and treatment within minutes
  • 100% acceptance regardless of pre-existing conditions or age

Travel with Peace of Mind

Our TeleHealth service ensures you are only one call away from our certified doctors when unforeseen health conditions arise. You can seek immediate professional advice, local hospital and clinic information and medicines and reliefs suggestions to avoid any delay in treatment while travelling.

关于iFREE GROUP TeleHealth


  • 为重视健康的国际旅客量身定制
  • 24小时全天候服务,随时获得专业帮助
  • 响应迅速,快速答疑解惑
  • 不设门槛,100%应答